lili1.jpgOver the period of half a century, the organizational structure of CWE has been transformed into one based on team work, with the result that CWE is now a well-recognized, large-scale international hydropower company. Our business objective in the implementation of projects all around the world is to be practical, efficient, task-ordered, and pro-active. Our strategic development goals are to be forward looking, visionary, and open to new ideas, which has enabled us to make timely business decisions, to optimize the use of our resources, and to expand the scope and geographic coverage of our activities.

Recalling the past eventful years, I am proud of the achievements and the recognition accorded to generations of our staff.

With CWE playing an important role in the pursuit of the “Going Global” Strategy of our parent company, China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), we are determined to explore and pursue business opportunities as they present themselves in international markets. We have made significant progress in this regard.

Based on our experience and achievements, we are looking forward to future growth in pursuit of the principles “win-win” and “higher and stronger” with the aim of reaching an annual revenue exceeding RMB 10 billion while maintaining our reputation of social responsibility and assuring environmental sustainability in the execution of our tasks.

With the strong support of our parent company, CTG, in hydropower and clean energy development and operation in respects of technique and management, we are confident of a bright future thanks to our talented and dedicated staff.

I extend my appreciation to our friends and partners all over the world for their interest and their help in deepening our cooperation for a better future!