A recognition ceremony was held by the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of Guinea to express appreciation for the great contributions made by CWE and to award Guo Nan, an employee of CWE, for his outstanding performance during the construction of the Kaleta Hydroelectric Project and the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project at local time 5:00 p.m. on March 10, 2017. Dr. Cheick Taliby SYLLA, the Guinean Minister of Energy and Water Resources, the Secretary General of the Ministry, the Presidential Adviser, and Zhang Rujun, CWE’s project manager of the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project, attended the ceremony.

 Hon. Minister Sheara presented the honorary certificate to Guo Nan and delivered a speech. Expressing gratitude and affirmation to CTG and CWE for the contributions made and speaking highly of the project teams of CWE, his excellency believed that the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project would be another great success after the Kaleta Hydroelectric Project with mutual cooperation and support.


Since the execution of the Kaleta Hydroelectric Project, CWE has been active in Guinea for market development from scratch. The ongoing Souapiti Hydroelectric Project is deemed by CWE as an opportunity more than a challenge. The whole team has determined to uphold its work spirit at the Kaleta Hydroelectric Project and lay the foundation for CWE’s long-term business expansion and transformation in Arica as well as for all-round cooperation and development between China and Guinea.

 (Translator: Wu Suofei, Proofreader: Ma Li)