After attending the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, Guinean President Alpha Conde led a delegation to China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) and visited he Three Gorges Project during his tour in Hubei province on September 6, 2018, exchanging views with CTG leaders on further cooperation between CTG and the government of Guinea on clean energy development.

President Conde was accompanied by CTG president Wang Lin, vice president Lin Chuxue, vice governor of Hubei province Yang Yunyan, Chinese Ambassador to Guinea Bian Jianqiang, as well as other officials from the Ministry of Commerce of China and local officials of Yinchang city in Hubei province. Senior executives of CWE, a subsidiary of CTG, which has worked in Guinea for 55 years, also participated in the whole visit.

Wang Lin warmly welcomed President Conde and his delegation and conveyed the sincere regards from CTG board chairman Lei Mingshan. Wang Lin said that during the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, documents on cooperation under the “Belt and Road” Initiative were signed between China and Guinea, infusing new dynamism into the expansion and deepening of mutual cooperation in various fields, which offered new opportunities for CTG to further develop in Guinea.

CTG has established a long and profound friendship with Guinean people, Wang Lin said. By mutual efforts, the Kaleta hydropower station and its associated transmission lines were built in recent years, and the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project was being jointly developed. During the Summit, the loan agreement for the Souapiti project was successfully signed in the witness of President Conde. CTG pledged to honor its mission and work hard with Guinean people to make the so-called “Three Gorges of Guinea” Souapiti project a model of China-Africa cooperation.

Wang Lin said that CTG would faithfully implement the outcomes of the Beijing Summit of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and bring all its business in Guinea and Africa into the “Eight Major Actions” of China-Africa cooperation. CTG would not only build the Souapiti project, but also operate and manage it well, making it a classical practice case of the “invest-construct-operate” mode. At the same time, CTG would actively promote cooperation on the overall river basin development, including the construction, operation, and comprehensive control, as well as improve the interconnection of main power grids, personnel training and technology sharing, so as to constantly deepen the everlasting friendship between CTG and the Guinean people and actively contribute wisdom and strength to further all-round cooperation of the two countries.

President Conde indicated that the underdevelopment of Africa was in fields of energy, infrastructure, education and health care, so the construction of water and hydropower projects was of vital importance to Guinea. With the help of China and efforts of CTG, the total installed capacity of hydropower in Guinea had increased by eight times. This was a vivid testimony of the friendship between the two countries. During the Beijing Summit of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the Guinean government and the Export-Import Bank of China signed a loan agreement for the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project, which also proved that the cooperation between the two countries in terms of capital, technology and talents was deepening. It was expected that CTG would give full play to its advantages and help Guinea develop clean energy, such as hydropower, wind power and solar power, and it was believed that CTG will be able to build more “Three Gorges Project” in Guinea, he said.

President Conde and his delegation visited the Three Gorges Project Exhibition Hall, the two-way five-step ship lock, the dam crest, the left bank power station, the ship lift and other locations to learn more about the construction and operation of the Three Gorges Project. President Conde said: “Today I saw Chinese people turning flood disasters into resources by  constructing the Three Gorges Project, which is a great project showing the wisdom and strength of Chinese people.” His excellency later inscribed on the guest book at the Three Gorges Project Exhibition Hall, planted a tree of friendship, and unveiled a Three-Gorges stone engraved with “long live the friendship between China and Guinea”. His excellency also expressed hope to revisit the Three Gorges Project and the osmanthus tree planted when the Souapiti project was completed.

During the visit, President Conde and his delegation met with the 59 Guinean students sent by the Employer of the Souapiti project and CWE to learn in China, who were also visiting the Three Gorges Project. Apart from its in-depth cooperation with Guinea on development and construction of infrastructure such as hydropower stations and transmission lines, CTG/CWE also shares experiences on technology, management, and personnel training, and promotes cultural communications with Guinea. So far, CTG/CWE has assisted the Institute of Training under the Ministry of Commerce of China to hold 12 sessions of hydropower technology seminar for Guinea, and the first training group of the Employer has been organized by CTG/CWE to practice station operation.

(Translator: Shen Jiejiao, Proofreader: Ma Li)