Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba led a delegation to visit the headquarters of China Three Gorges Group (CTG) and the Three Gorges Project on September 5, 2018. CTG president Wang Lin, vice president Lin Chuxue, deputy governor of Hubei province Tong Daochi, and Chinese Ambassador to Gabon Hu Changchun accompanied the visit.

Wang Lin extended a warm welcome to President Bongo and his delegation. He said that President Bongo’s visit to CTG and the Three Gorges Project during the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation was of profound significance. The Three Gorges Project is a key project to ensure the people’s well-being along the Yangtze River, a symbolic project to reflect the diligence and wisdom of Chinese people, and a model project to demonstrate outcomes of the world hydropower development. CTG, as the developer and operator of the Three Gorges Project, had grown into the world's largest hydropower group and China's largest clean energy group, which successfully built a number of “Three Gorges Projects” in many African countries. In its journey to comprehensively deepen cooperation with Africa, CTG would like to work side by side with the people of Gabon and make practical contributions to the energy development and infrastructure improvement of Gabon.

President Bongo said he was overwhelmed by the grandeur of the Three Gorges Project and the greatness of the ship lift. Expressing sincere appreciation to CTG for its comprehensive strength in development, construction, operation, and integrated management of the river basin, his excellency said that the Three Gorges Project was an important water and hydropower project which the Chinese people should be proud of, and he was full of expectations for future cooperation with CTG.

After listening to a brief at the exhibition hall on the project benefits, including flood control, navigation, power generation, and water replenishment, President Bongo thumbed up at the project and inscribed his praise onto the guest book. At the third step of the five-step ship lock, ships waiting for passing attracted the attention of President Bongo. “How do the ships come up?” “How long does it take for a ship to pass?” His excellency asked and marveled at the wonderful operation of the ship lock. At the left bank power house, red numbers showing water conditions and generator operation in real time constantly varied on the screen. “Now, the upstream water level is 150.7 meters, and the downstream water level at the reservoir is 65.58 meters. According to the flow, 21 sets of generating unit were started.” The person in charge said. President Bongo gave his thumbs-up again.

Africa is the traditional and key overseas market of CTG. CWE, a subsidiary of CTG, has left its footprint in more than 30 countries and regions in Africa, and has successfully built more than 300 energy and infrastructure projects related to the local economy and people's livelihood of the host countries. With the successful convening of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, during which the “Eight Major Actions” were put forward to promote China-Africa cooperation to a new height in the next three years and the period to come, CTG pledged to integrate itself deeper into Africa and make more contributions to deepen the China-Africa cooperation.

Heads from CTG’s Department of International Affairs, Administration Bureau for River Basin Hydro Complex, China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd., and CWE which is responsible for business in Africa participated in the visit.

(Translator: Shen Jiejiao, Proofreader: Ma Li)