A delegation of more than 20 persons led by Henry Caceres, the general manager of Ecuadorian public water company EPA, inspected the Santa Elena Project undertaken by CWE on September 27, 2018.

At 9 a.m. local time, Henry Caceres and his delegation arrived at the project SCADA control center, which was built and upgraded by CWE, in Guayas province. The center is used for real-time hydrological monitoring of two pump stations and five irrigation stations, which not only realizes trans-regional allocation of water resources, but also plays a prominent role in flood control and drought relief.

CWE staff accompanied Henry Caceres to inspect the CHONGÓN dam and pump stations. It is now the fruit-bearing season for main crops like mangoes, which requires large quantity of water. The timely completion and operation of pump stations with new pumps has effectively alleviated the water shortage for local residents.

In the afternoon, Henry Caceres and CWE staff participated in an environmental protection campaign named “Cherish Water Resources for a Better Home” organized by the Daular community, which was also attended by Hon. Humberto Cholango, the Minister of Environment of Ecuador. The implementation of the Santa Elena Project has increased the irrigated area of the community by 67%, greatly improving the local agricultural and livestock production and management efficiency. Minister Humberto and community residents expressed their gratitude and recognition to CWE for its active performance of social responsibilities.

(Translator: Shen Jiejiao, Proofreader: Ma Li)