Guinean President Alpha Conde and his Zimbabwean counterpart Emerson Mnangagwa visited the construction site of the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project and the Kaleta Hydropower Station on November 6, 2018. Guinean Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Finance, Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Chinese Ambassador to Guinea Huang Wei, ambassadors of other countries to Guinea, and leaders of CWE (Guinea) accompanied the visit.


The two presidents were debriefed the recent construction progress of the Souapiti project and the operating status of the Kaleta hydropower station. President Conde expressed satisfaction with the project construction progress and the steady station operation, saying that he was proud of the two large hydropower projects implemented in his two terms as the President of Guinea. President Mnangagwa commended Guinea for being able to build two large hydropower stations in just a few years.

During the visit, the Minister of Energy and Water Resources of Guinea SYLLA said that the operation of the Kaleta hydropower station had greatly alleviated the power shortage in the capital Conakry and its surrounding areas, and the commissioning of the Souapiti hydropower station  would change the current situation of power shortage in Guinea, playing a vital role in Guinea's future industrialization process and mining industry development and making Guinea a power exporter to neighboring countries. The Guinean government would further promote national electrification and construction of domestic transmission lines and international high-voltage grid, so as to form a transnational regional grid interconnection in West Africa.


Finally, Minister SYLLA said that both the Souapiti project and the Kaleta project were exemplary projects of China-Guinean cooperation. He thanked the Chinese government and CWE for the support and called on Guinean employees to work together with their Chinese colleagues at the Souapiti project and contribute to the national construction of Guinea.

(Translator: Shen Jiejiao, Proofreader: Ma Li)