Zheng Zhuqiang, Chinese Ambassador to Uganda, led a 26-person delegation consisting of staff from the embassy and the 19th Chinese medical team to Uganda to inspect the Isimba Hydropower Project undertaken by CWE in Uganda on November 17, 2018, during which the delegation also checked the project safety risk.

Ambassador Zheng and his delegation were briefed on the project progress, production safety, and social security, then inspected key parts of the project, including the power plant, central control room, spillway, and earth-rock dam.

In the following site meeting, Ambassador Zheng fully affirmed the achievements made by CWE in respects of construction, quality control and safety production and provided guiding opinions. His excellency pointed out that the year 2019 is the first year to implement outcomes of the Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, and the power generation and transfer of the Isimba HPP on schedule were of great significance to furtherance of cooperation between China and Uganda. CWE was therefore expected to continue its excellent performance for the remaining works and attach importance to safety and security to ensure timely completion and taking-over of the project, satisfying the governments and people of China and Uganda.



Ambassador Zheng and the delegation inspected the project site


Ambassador Zheng and the delegation held talks with the project staff.