A new 100-pound banknote was issued by the Central Bank of the Sudan in January, 2019. On the back of the bill, the Merowe Dam Project, the Roseires Dam Heightening Project, and the Dam Complex of Upper Atbara Project, all undertaken by CWE, were printed as major hydropower stations related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood.

Since 1990s, CWE has been working in the Sudan. Over the past 20 years, CWE has successfully built 15 hydraulic, hydropower and other infrastructure projects. The Merowe Dam Project, the Roseires Dam Heightening Project, and the Dam Complex of Upper Atbara Project, which were successively undertaken by CWE from the year 2003 with a total installed capacity of about 2 million kilowatts, account for 95% of the total hydropower installed capacity in the Sudan and more than 60% of the total installed capacity of the whole country, providing a solid foundation for the nation’s stability, economic development and improving local people's livelihood.

Among them, the Merowe Dam Project was the largest single hydropower project built by Chinese companies at abroad, which directly doubled the total installed capacity of the Sudan and was praised as a “Century Project”. After its completion, the domestic power price was reduced by 25%-30%, allowing more local residents use of electricity. This project, widely known as “the Three Gorges Project in the Sudan”, was therefore included in the “8 Major Aid Projects by China in Africa” and awarded the “Luban Award” for its excellent quality.

The printing of the above three projects undertaken by CWE onto banknotes by the Sudanese government shows eagerness of the Sudan to develop energy and economy, affirms CWE’s efforts in the Sudan, and is a praise of the friendship between Chinese and Sudanese people.

Previously, other projects undertaken by CWE, such the Kinkon Hydropower Station and the Kaleta Hydroelectric Project in Guinea, were also printed on the paper currency of the host country. These livelihood projects of excellent quality symbolizing friendship between nations have been recorded in the history of friendly cooperation between China and foreign countries.

(Translator: Shen Jiejiao, Proofreader: Ma Li)