President of Guinea Alpha Conde and Philippe Le Houérou, the CEO of International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank, inspected the construction site of the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project and the Kaleta Hydroelectric Project on March 20, 2019, accompanied by heads of CWE (Guinea).

During their inspection, Amara CAMARA, the Employer’s project manager of the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project, gave a detailed introduction to his Excellency and the delegation of the World Bank about the construction of the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project and the operation of the Kaleta Hydroelectric Project. Amara CAMARA said that since the start of the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project, the overall progress of the project has been very satisfactory, and some works have even exceeded expectations.

His Excellency expressed his great satisfaction after visit, and said that the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project is the first project of CTG to implement the “integration of investment, construction and operation” mode in Guinea. The successful implementation of the mode will further attract more Chinese companies to invest in Guinea, deepening the cooperative relationship between China and Guinea, and will play a decisive role in Guinea's future economic development.

(Translator: Zhang Yan, Proofreader: Ma Li)