The Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea (BCRG) issued a circular on February 8, 2019, stating that BCRG has issued a new edition of 20,000-Guinea Franc banknote on January 21, 2019, of which the background pattern was still the bird’s view of the Kaleta Hydroelectric Project undertaken by CWE.

Located in the Konkoure River Basin in Guinea, the Kaleta project is the first EPC project undertaken by CWE in Guinea, mainly consisting of a 240MW hydropower station, which is associated with 225kV transmission lines. As a priority energy project implemented by the Guinean government, the project was officially commenced on April 18, 2012 and put into operation on August 30, 2015. Up to now, with careful operation, the Kaleta hydropower station has been running safely and steadily for over 1200 days and nights, with a cumulative power generation of 2.75283 billion kWh.

The completion of the Kaleta hydroelectric project has ended the long-standing power shortage in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, and optimized the energy structure and guaranteed the stable and sustainable development of the national economy of Guinea. Furthermore, the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project, which is  also under construction by CWE, will maximize upon its completion the generation efficiency of the Kaleta hydropower station and change the power shortage in Guinea so much that the country may become a power exporter in West Africa, effectively promoting the economy and people’s livelihood in Guinea.

This new edition of 20,000-Guinea Franc banknote, with the image of the Kaleta hydropower station still on, not only indicates Guinea's ardent desire for energy and development, but also fully affirms CTG’s achievements at abroad and highly praises the friendship between the peoples of China and Guinea.

(Translator: Shen Jiejiao, Proofreader: Ma Li)