A safety and environmental protection publicity team organized by young employees of CWE’s Nam Kong 1 hydropower project management visited the adjacent villages, namely the village of Viengxay and the village of Nam Kong, to raise awareness of safety and environmental protection of villagers on June 10, 2019.

The team, considering the circumstances of the project and the villages, focused the publicity on road traffic safety, occupational health and safety, operational safety within construction boundaries, and environmental protection, etc. The team members paid visits to the village administration offices, main streets, hospitals and schools, distributing leaflets and patiently explaining in details general knowledge about safety and environmental protection, in the faith to raise the villagers’ self-awareness of personal safety and environmental protection  individually and collectively.

Aiming to create an air of safety and environmental protection along with the locals, this publicity into villages was one of the series activities of the “Safe Production Month” program. The locals warmly welcomed the team and helped to distribute the leaflets, which encouraged the young team members. Further activities are due to follow, to introduce the ideology of safeguarding local villagers’ personal safety and protecting the local ecological environment.

(Translator: Liang Xingyong, Proofreader: Ma Li)