Led by the President of the Republic of Guinea Dr. Alpha Conde, a delegation consisting of the Deputy Prime Minister of Namibia, the director general of International Renewable Energy Agency, the minister of Guinean Ministry of Energy, and representative of the Souapiti project employer, visited the Kaleta Hydropower Station and the Souapiti Hydropower Project undertaken by CWE on June 12, 2019.

The delegation were briefed on the current status of the above-said two works by Mr. Amara Camara, the Employer’s general manager of the Souapiti Project, who later on reviewed the history of the two works over almost a century from the investigation stage to the construction. President Conde and the delegation then visited the site of the Souapiti project to learn about the construction progress of the dam, powerhouse, and equipment installation. They also inspected the site operation of the Kaleta Hydropower Station.

President Conde expressed his satisfaction with the construction progress of the Souapiti Project and the stable operation of the Kaleta Hydropower Station, and thanked CWE for its quality performance at the two works.

(Translator: Sun Weibo, Proofreader: Ma Li)