CWE’s senior HSE engineers at the Santa Elena Hydraulic Project came to ESCUELA SUPERIOR POLITÉCNICA DE CHIMBORAZO (ESPOCH), which is a top university famous in Ecuador for its science and technology study, and communicated with students majoring in civil works on HSE training and management during project implementation on June 5, 2019. Such an arrangement was aimed to promote local HSE personnel training, deepen collaboration with local schools and institutions, and raise recognition among the local society, industry and academics.

The project HSE engineers briefed the students with precautions and management measures on construction sites, and conducted in-depth discussions and view exchanges.

As a top university in Ecuador, ESPOCH owns many professional graduates and experts in the local engineering industry. It is significant for the promotion of local safe production and environmental protection to raise the students’ HSE awareness. This event, improving the HSE skills of local professionals, is also an innovative move in CWE’S social responsibility performance.

(Translator: Liang Xingyong, Proofreader: Ma Li)