Guinean President Alpha Conde and Liberian President George Weah visited the Kaleta hydropower station and the Souapiti hydroelectric project site on July12, 2019.

The Presidents listened to reports on the operation of the Kaleta hydropower station and the construction progress of the Souapiti project at a site meeting and made brief exchanges with participants. They then went to the construction site of the Souapiti project, from the platform 215 at the right bank to the dam and powerhouse, to inspect the construction and installation status. Afterwards, the Presidents came to the Kaleta hydropower station to inspect the unit operation at the control chamber.

During the visit, Liberian President George Weah highly praised the construction of the Souapiti project and the stable operation of the Kaleta hydropower station. Guinean President Alpha Conde said that the completion of the Souapiti project would not only satisfy domestic power demand, attract more investments to Guinea, and improve local economic development, but also export power to neighboring countries and deepen friendship and bilateral relations with them.

(Translator: Sun Weibo, Proofreader: Ma Li)