An event named Chinese Culture into Schools, organized by the Chinese Embassy in Laos and undertaken jointly by Confucius Institute of Lao National University, Language Institute of Lao National University, Lao Branch of CTG’s CWE, and Vientiane Pagon School, was successfully held at the Pagon School on November 22, 2019.

    This event, composed of the opening ceremony and cultural experiences, was attended by some 500 people, including Gao Lin as representative from Chinese Embassy, representatives from Vientiane provincial Department of Education, Li Xiao as Chinese Co-dean of Confucius Institute of Lao National University, Li Jianzhong as Deputy General Manager of CWE’s Lao Branch, representatives from the Language Institute of Lao National University, and the faculty & students from Pagon School. The opening ceremony witnessed shows of martial arts, chorus and Lao traditional dances performed by teachers and students from China and Laos, and the donation of teaching and sports items by Chinese Embassy to Pagon School.

    Gao Lin, representing Chinese Embassy, introduced the event of Chinese Culture into Schools as one of the Embassy’s brand cultural promotion activities which had continued for several years. She hoped that such an event would allow Lao students learn more and better about China as well as Chinese education, and make contributions to the development of China-Laos relationship and the building of China-Laos community with a shared future.

    Li Jianzhong, Deputy GM of CWE’s Lao Branch, said that CWE has been carrying out a variety of co-building activities like schoolhouse expansion, provision of cultural & sports supplies, and volunteering teaching, etc. in order to improve the education environment since it donated and built the Pagon School in 2008. This event, as he saw it, highly accorded with CWE’s corporate spirit of being localized, shouldering responsibilities and helping to enhance people’s well-being. He wished to promote China-Laos cultural development and integration with more cultural exchanges under the guidance of the Embassy and supports from the Confucius Institute.

    Deputy headmaster of Pagon School recognized the significance of this event, saying that it enabled students to be in touch with Chinese culture and to broaden their thinking and horizons. The representative of Vientiane Provincial Department of Education extended sincere thanks by presenting certificates of gratitude to the organizer and undertakers.

    This event of Chinese Culture into Schools, organized in six exhibition sections of blue & white porcelain sketching, typography DIY, riddle cracking competition, Chinese songs Follow-me, Chinese paper-cutting art, and Chinese martial arts, were warmly welcomed and enthusiastically participated by teachers and students who read aloud, sang, laughed and applauded from time to time.

    Santhana, a senior high school student, who realized the advantage of mastering mandarin to job-hunting as more Chinese enterprises came to Laos, had already started her online language courses and determined to be enrolled into Lao National University and pursue further study with Confucius Institute in the future. After the event, she posted on Facebook her resolve to learn Chinese and gratitude to Chinese aids, which received many likes.

    The wonderful First Taste of Chinese culture inspired students’ cognition and keenness towards Chinese culture; meanwhile, CWE Lao Branch came to know the craving for Chinese linguistic teaching in Pagon School. Li Jianzhong affirmed future efforts jointly with Lao National University and Confucius Institute to apply for government-sponsored Chinese teachers and teaching volunteers to Pagon School, so as to accelerate the opening of Chinese language courses for students there.

(Translator: Liang Xingyong, Proofreader: Ma Li)