The 2019 International Project Management Forum hosted by China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) was held in Beijing on September 5, 2019. This forum consisted of Trend Analysis and Experience Sharing of International Project Management, Business Exchange Seminars among Chinese Enterprises listed in the Top 250 ENR International Contractors of 2019, award ceremony, and other contents. Nearly 400 representatives from member companies of CHINCA, financial institutions, consulting institutions were at presence. Chen Huijun, director of CWE's general office, took part in the forum.

Xin Xiuming, Vice Chairman of CHINCA, delivered a speech at the forum, saying that China continued to make progress in overseas project contracting since 2018, in pace with the furtherance of B & R construction. A total of 75 Chinese companies were included in the Top 250 ENR International Contractors of 2019, taking up 24.4% of the business. Both the number of listed Chinese companies and the proportion of business they took up reached record highs, with soaring market shares and influences, optimized business fields and modes at abroad.

A number of well-known domestic and foreign institutional experts, executive representatives, and project management elites were invited to introduce current international engineering management trends, and conduct professional analyses from the perspectives of contract management, risk management, and procurement management, and share advanced business development experience at home and abroad. The representatives of Chinese companies listed in the Top 250 ENR International Contractors of 2019 also made speeches on ways to promote the Going Global of Chinese enterprises under the B & R background and improve their internationalization.

In 2019, CWE made new achievements and won the title of the A-level overseas contracting enterprise, being selected as a Top 250 ENR International Contractor for 30 consecutive years, ranked the 78th this time in the world and the 17th among the 75 Chinese companies on the list.

(Translator: Zhang Yan, Proofreader: Ma Li)