Being part of its annual scheme of corporate social responsibility (CSR), CWE Lao branch held goods-donating events at Phonpapao, Sisattanak on August 15, 2019 with a ceremony attended by representatives from the county government, the village committee, as well as local residents and staff from CWE (Lao).

Phonpapao, a broad land located at the east of Vientiane and inhabited by 1419 households, is the village where the CTG Mansion, Lao branch’s office building, stands. The village’s tight funds due to limited fiscal expenditure result in poor infrastructure facilities. Having learned Phonpapao in short of cultural broadcasting facilities and office equipment, Lao branch managed to build a broadcasting system for the village and donated a notice bulletin, computers, printers and toners, etc.

Khamsy Duangdala, member of the village’s Party Committee, and Bounlom Keophilavanh, the village chief, extended their thanks on the donating ceremony to Lao branch for its act of charity and awarded CWE a certificate of honor.

Li Jianzhong, deputy GM of Lao branch, stated that CWE has been involving itself in CSR ever since its first presence in Laos in 1996, profoundly contributing to the development of local economy, education, forestry reservation, and environment protection, etc., as a promoter of China-Laos friendship and a pioneer of “R & B” construction. He hoped this donation would improve the village’s cultural facilities and office conditions, bring local residents down-to-earth benefits, and through community-building activities deepen understanding of locals toward Chinese enterprises, for the purpose of mutual friendship and common development.

(Translator: Liang Xingyong, Proofreader: Ma Li)