Compliance Statement

Our View about Integrity

Operating based on integrity and upholding the notion of healthy and sustainable development, China International Water and Electric Corporation (“CWE”) hereby undertakes to abide by the following integrity principles throughout our business operations:

  • 1. Strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations of China and those of the host countries of CWE’s overseas subsidiaries, as well as integrity compliance policies of international project financing and guarantee agencies;
  • 2. Strictly abide by the integrity and self-disciplinary rules adopted by the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese regulatory authorities and CWE;
  • 3. Strictly abide by the principles of equality, fairness, integrity and widely recognized business ethics;
  • 4. Strictly abide by professional ethics and disciplines and carefully fulfil work duties;
  • 5. Strictly distinguish company interests from personal interests and refrain from engaging in any behaviour in conflict with the legitimate interests of CWE;
  • 6. Refrain from promising, providing, extorting or accepting gifts, cash, securities of value and high-end consumptions, including entertainment, leisure, fitness and health care activities or other benefits, to or from business partners or individuals during the course of business interactions;
  • 7. Promptly declare the benefit, notify the Company and hand them in to relevant department of CWE, regarding the gifts, cash, securities of value or other benefits that an employee of CWE was not able to decline as required by laws and regulations;
  • 8. Strictly keep confidential the trade secrets, national secrets and personal privacy accessible at work;
  • 9. Be voluntarily subject to monitoring by CWE and colleagues;
  • 10. Refrain from inspiring, instructing, compelling, forcing, inducing or abetting others to engage in any behaviour which violates the above-mentioned principles;
  • 11. Promptly report to relevant departments of the CWE or competent government authorities about the incident, risk and problem which violate the above-mentioned principles.

Our Expectations towards Business Partners

CWE cherishes and attaches great importance to the relationships with each and every business partner. Meanwhile, you are expected to respect our integrity view during the course of our cooperation and undertake not to engage in the following behaviours:

  • 1. Corruption and bribery: directly or indirectly offer, provide, or promise to offer and provide, accept or extort anything of value, for the purpose of improperly affecting the action of a party;
  • 2. Fraudulence: knowingly or recklessly engage in any action or inaction including misrepresenting, providing incomplete information, concealing key information and so on, for the purpose of misleading or attempting to mislead decision-making by your company or CWE, and thereby acquire economic or other benefits or evade fulfilment of responsibilities;
  • 3. Collusion: collude with a third party to unduly influence business decision-making by your company and CWE;
  • 4. Coerce: directly or indirectly do harm to a party or its property, or threaten to achieve the said results to improperly influence a party.

Misconduct Reporting Ways

  • by visit: CWE Commission for Discipline Inspection or Institutional Integrity Dept.of CWE
  • by phone: +8610-59302986/59302183
  • by fax: +8610-59302183
  • by letter: Institutional Integrity Dept. of CWE, CWE Mansion, 3 Liupukang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100120, P.R.China
  • by email: