Fish releasing ceremony at the Nam Lik 1-2 Hydropower Plant

July 13 is Lao’s Wild & Aqua Life Day. In response to the call of Laos, the Nam Lik 1-2 Power Company and the Muang Fueng county government jointly held a fish-releasing activity in the low reaches of the Nam Lik dam in the morning of July 23. About 50,000 fries of tilapia, grass carp, etc., fit for the basin water quality and surrounding environment at the power station, were selected and released. Local government officials, teachers and students from the Pagon School, villagers, local mainstream media, staff of the Nam Lik 1-2 Hydropower Plant, young volunteers of CWE Lao Branch, over 100 people in total, were in presence.


At 8 a.m. local time, it was still drizzling. The station staff and young volunteers arrived at the venue ahead of schedule, busily making preparations for the success of the activity. They carried bags of fish fry to the river downstream and gently opened the bags into the water. At the moment, swarms of fish fry rushed out, swimming to the depths of the clear water.


At the ceremony, Wang Zhihong, the general manager of the Nam Lik Power Company and the head of the Nam Lik 1-2 Hydropower Plant, reviewed the development of CTG, CWE, and the Nam Lik 1-2 HPP. He pledged that the Nam Lik company would always adhere to CTG’s development philosophy of “building a power station to stimulate the local economy, improve the local environment, and benefit resettled residents,” give top priority to fulfilling social responsibilities, and strive to create the optimal comprehensive value of economy, society and environment. With measures taken by the Nam Lik company to protect the ecological environment in the river basin, he said, we wished today’s fry-releasing a positive improvement to the river water quality.


Mr. Boumma Thamavong, Deputy Mayor of Muang Fueng County, expressed gratitude to the Nam Lik Power Plant for its efforts to preserve the aquatic biodiversity in the river and to improve the living environment of local residents. This fish-releasing activity could increase the number of fish kinds and enrich the fishery resources, he commented. Mr. Deputy Mayor also urged local residents to join in the efforts of protecting the fish fry and carry out sustainable fishing. And specialists would be provided by relevant authorities for conservation and management of the river’s fishery resources.


Up to now, the Nam Lik 1-2 Power Company has been carrying out appropriate fish breeding and releasing activities in the local river for nine consecutive years, advocating ecological conservation with fish to purify and protect water. In the future, CWE will continue to protect the environment, fulfill its social responsibilities, stick to the green and sustainable development path and maintain the local eco-environment, so as to better serve the construction of the green Belt and Road.

This event was reported by Lao State Television, Vientiane Times, Xinhua Vientiane Branch, China Radio International Vientiane Branch, etc.

(Translator: Pan Wenting, Proofreader: Ma Li)

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