CWE donates anti-epidemic supplies to Madagascar

CWE donated about 57,300 anti-COVID-19 supplies to the government of Madagascar, and officially handed them over to the Madagascar’s anti-Covid-19 Operations Command Center and the Ministry of Energy, Water and Hydrocarbons on July 21, 2020. Both the head of the anti-Covid-19 Operations Command Center and the Minister of Energy, Water and Hydrocarbons attended the ceremony, expressing full recognition and gratitude to CWE’s donation. These supplies were finally delivered to Madagascar through CWE’s efforts to overcome difficulties such as the closed border and blocked logistics channels.

Madagascar experienced a COVID-19 outbreak in early March, 2020 and declared the public health emergency later, followed by 9 successive extensions of the emergency state, which has continued to this day. At present, the epidemic has further spread and the total number of confirmed cases has exceeded 7,000. Local medical institutions are overwhelmed and faced with severe shortage of medical supplies.

The donation shows our concern and support for the local government and people in fighting the epidemic. CWE will keep on supporting local epidemic prevention and control in Madagascar, help protect the lives and health of local residents, and enhance the friendship and cooperation between the two people with actual deeds.


(Translator: Pan Wenting, Proofreader: Ma Li)

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