CWE's top management delivers New Year's Message

BEIJING, December 30 - CWE’s President Lu Guojun and Vice President Wang Chunfa delivered a New Year's message on December 30, 2006 to everyone working in CWE’s projects and regional offices in over 20 countries and regions, staff of CWE HQ and subsidiaries in China, and friends of different nations.

The Year 2006 is of major and deep significance to the development of CWE and it’s a year of great joy and pride.
Lu said: “The year 2006 has been a time of achievement and progress for CWE. In the past year, CWE ranked No. 97 for the Top 225 International Contractors, and No. 95 for The Top 200 International Design Firms. CWE also performed well among the Chinese international contractors, placing No. 12 in the Top 30.”

CWE pledges priority to business growth in 2007.
The president pledged to give priority to “making business growth the central task” in the new year, and making arduous efforts to “stick to the pursuit of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the company”.
“As our staff continue to demonstrate a spirit of resolve and unity, we are building a culture of service and responsibility that strengthens our company. We will continue our efforts to promote CWE, based on construction excellence, solid engineering expertise, as well as disciplined construction management methods and systems,” he said.
Lu called for “the commitment to achieve ever-increasing levels of customer satisfaction through continuing improvements in quality, service, timeliness and cost.” “We will work together to build on our successes and embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

At the end of his speech, the president expressed, on behalf of the top management of CWE, their heartfelt thanks and festival greetings to all colleagues and friends at home and abroad, and wish everybody a very happy and prosperous new year.

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