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Over the period of half a century, the organizational structure of CWE has been transformed into one based on team work, with the result that CWE is now a well-recognized, large-scale international hydropower company. Our business objective in the implementation of projects all around the world is to be practical, efficient, task-ordered, and pro-active. Our strategic development goals are to be forward looking, visionary, and open to new ideas, which has enabled us to make timely business decisions, to optimize the use of our resources, and to expand the scope and geographic coverage of our activities.Recalling the past eventful years, I am proud of the achievements and the recognition accorded to generations of our staff.With CWE playing an important role in the pursuit of the “Going Global” Strategy of our parent company, China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), we are determined to explore and pursue business opportunities as they present themselves in international markets. We have made significant... read more…

China International Water & Electric Corporation (abbreviated CWE), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG). It is the first state-owned enterprise of the Chinese hydropower industry to take part in international economic cooperation initiatives. The present company name was adopted in 1983. Nevertheless, its history dates back to over half a century when it was a foreign aid unit under the Ministry of Water Conservancy and Electric Power of P. R. China.Nowadays, CWE has been acknowledged as a famous brand in the fields of international contracting and small-to-medium hydropower investment. Many projects undertaken or developed by CWE have become world-renowned water and hydropower constructions, among which there are dams symbolizing friendships between nations, hydropower stations hailed local “Three Gorges” in project-host countries, and large-scale hydraulic complexes considered beacons of international cooperation.Having undertaken projects in over 70 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America and ran business units in 31 countries and regions, CWE has made prominent achievements in its main business of water and hydropower as well as acquired a rich experience in terms of other infrastructure projects (including transmission and transformation, roads and bridges, port dredging, etc.). Over the past decade, CWE has successfully completed the Merowe Dam Project in the Sudan, the Kaleta ... read more…

A World-Class Clean Energy GroupTo construct the Three Gorges Project and develop the Yangtze River, the China Three Gorges Project Corporation was founded on September 27, 1993, with the approval of the State Council. On September 27, 2009, it was renamed the China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG). CTG positions itself as a clean energy group focusing on large-scale hydropower development and operation. Its main businesses cover the construction, international investment and contracting, development of wind power and solar energy among other renewable energies, comprehensive development and utilization of water resources, as well as providing relevant professional technical services. After more than 20 years of rapid growth, CTG has become the largest hydro- power development enterprise worldwide and the biggest clean energy group in China.An Integrated Business ModelBy the end of 2016, CTG's consolidated installed capacity had reached approximately 70,000 MW, and the total installed capacity, including capacities that were commissioned, under construction, and on a minority-equity basis, had reached 118 GW. Specifically, renewable clean energy accounts for 97% of the total mix, while consolidated hydropower capacity represents 16% of the total installed capacity of hydro in China. By the end of 2016, the assets of the corporation had reached RMB 660 billion, and it ranked high among all SOEs in terms of total profit, net profit... read more…


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